Sunday, August 15, 2010

My parents visiting ...

.... yes, they came in mid June for 2 weeks and I am really happy that they made it. Now they have a better idea how and why I live here .... it makes things for us easier. Thank you both again .... and I think, we had really a great time together and were blessed with good weather too!
After some adventures in the Yukon we flew down to Vancouver .. also for me the first time there ... and I felt a little bit like in Hamburg. Vancouver is a very nice and beautiful city!!!!
In my posts below you can see some pics from their visit ... sorry, that I am not visible on pics .... my dad haven't managed yet to send me some pics from them ... may be one day!
Thank you again Mum and Dad .... like I said, I really appreciate that you came!!!

Aquarium, architecture and best shoe shop ... !

China Town, Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park

Vancouver Harbour ..... little similar to Hamburg!!?

My parents arriving in Whitehorse

They found their way to Whitehorse ..
Dogs at Kluane Lake
Little windy ... but nice and sunny.
Little hike over Lake Laberge together with Nadja.
Caribou at Wildelife Reserve

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swimming season

Yes, they are back to look after their new born babies ... and this time I didn't take the risk to be attacked by them .... and we walked directly at the river which was fun too.

Ben did his " Freischwimmer" in the Yukon ... good job little boy!

And both enjoyed to play rough in the water.

Real action!

And already SUMMER!!!

It is end of May and it is hot .... since weeks we have temperatures around 20° C and the fire risk is high ... the first fires are already burning!!! It is just beautiful and everyone is enjoying the outdoors .... here some pics from my first hikes this year.

Lewes Lake ... this is sand ... NO snow!

On my way out it started raining on the other side.

Dog fun .... show fights!

Lake Laberge.

Mmmm, special wood!

Grizzley Valley .. haven't seen any!

Cool down ... and yes, sometimes one can find little snow patches.

Spring is here

Like every year we know that spring is here, when the swans arrive ... and here are the first ones on the Yukon River!!!
Still a little bit of snow ... but just for a couple more weeks ... this was at the beginning of April.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Spring is on its way ... in the beginning of February!

Just a wonderful day with lots of sun and the snow is melting like crazy ... and it is February the 7th ... will it stay like this???

That is real dog fun ... little show fights with lots of teeth and growling etc..

Bella in waiting position for a next run.

Ben is growing well ... he will be 6 month tomorrow and has the size from Bella now.

And yes, nature is just sooooo beautiful ... sun and snow and + 3°C!!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The new family member - BEN

There are always good excuses ... Bella wanted really a buddy ... especially after all my house and dog sitting ... and my friends in Atlin, Manu and Sascha really wanted to give me one of the twelve from their litter of purebred white shepherds ... so, here HE IS ... BEN

8 weeks old and just cute!

He is working on his ears ... once in a while the right one is already standing up.

And here we go ... after he was a little shy with Bella the first days, now he is thinking ...

... she is a great chewing toy. I think it is time for Bella to learn to say STOP.

Another time on the Auriol Trail - Indian summer

The Indian Summer was incredible this year ... and that's why I won't write anything underneath each pic. I was on the trail with my friend Stefanie and Erika, Martin from Haines Junction.
Unfortunately the very nice hike ended when our dogs got into a porcupine ... Bella didn't look too bad. But she had to limp for some days.
Enjoy ... although my camera didn't get the colours as beautiful as they were in nature ... but it is always like that.

As you can see, I love the mountains and was really excited about the first snow layer.

Monday, October 05, 2009

First visitor from Germany, Ulli

My friend Ulli from Germany came over to visit me and explore a little bit the area here. So we spent 9 days on the road and did a trip from Whitehorse, Kluane Lake, Kathleen Lake, Haines - Alaska with the ferry over to Skagway - Alaska to Atlin and back to Whitehorse. Although the weather wasn't that great - lot of rain - we had a really good trip and survived!!!
It was pretty difficult to choose some pics to give you an impression ... well, I hope everyone will enjoy them.

Our first night in the tent at Kluane Lake ... beautiful big lake. While I put up the tent, Ulli took care about the dinner.

At the visitor center in Haines Junction we saw a DVD how to react if you are meeting a bear in the bush and how to read its behaviour ... so here you can see Ulli practising: " It's me ULLI from Germany " to impress the Yukon bears.

For sure we went on the Auriol Trail and even for me it was a wonderful hike again with an awesome landscape!

We stayed three nights at Marko's walltent which was really great. The most popular thing for " tourists" is chopping wood.

I was a little faster but Ulli was definitely better with starting the stove!!!

The million dollar falls ... we saw just water no gold or money.

Haines, Alaska. We saw some bears in the area from Chilkoot Lake. But me pics aren't great. But we had a good evening there with no rain.

Because Bella couldn't see the real bears we showed here this one in front of the Trading Post shop in Haines.

Here a view from Battery Point to Haines.

A friend of Marko, Melina let us stay in her cabin which is still in restauration. But we had a great + dry time there.

And here Melina at work ... she was such a great help ... thank you Melina!

This old train is still running from Skagway, Alaska to Carcross, Yukon ... and it is a big tourist attraction. I haven't done it yet but it must be fun! A wonderful landscape is for sure!

On our way back we visited my friends Manu and Sascha in Atlin. They just got 3 weeks ago 12 (!!!!) puppies from their white shepherd .... so sweet!

Here is puppy mummy Manu and some of the little guys.

Puppy daddy Sascha ... very proud!

And the weather was just awesome in Atlin ... Atlin Lake without words.

Ulli and Arnd washing dishes รก la cabin style .... with a lot of fun and rock music.

Our last morning after a frosty night ... Ulli got waken up by all dogs (the adults).